Every Aspect Of Archaeological Study

Beaver Creek Archaeology’s primary goal is to assist and guide clients through the various state and federal regulations that require an archaeological or cultural resource inventory. The continuing expansion and growth of the United States has led to an interest in the preservation of the history of our country. As a result, BCA employs a team of Secretary of the Interior qualified archaeologists and historians, that specialize in the great plains region, to assist our clients with their permitting and compliance needs. We work closely with our clients to preserve the history of our area without slowing down progress and expansion. In order to provide complete compliance with realistic and accurate solutions, we collaborate with our clients, state and federal government officials, as well as tribal governments.

Beaver Creek Archaeology is truly where progress meets preservation.


  • Phase I
    • Class I, Class II & Class III Surveys
  • Phase II
    • Evaluative Site Testing
  • Phase III
    • Site Mitigation
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Native American Consultation
  • Laboratory Services and Data Recovery