Atlanta 1-6H (ND)

Project Type: Well Pad

Client: Continental Resources, Inc.

Location: Williams County, North Dakota

Project Synopsis

The Atlanta 1-6H project consisted of surveying a proposed well pad, the testing of site 32WI1281, and monitoring of initial construction activities on a private well. In the event a future well at this location goes through federal minerals, the client requested Beaver Creek Archaeology, Inc to perform a Class III Cultural Resource inventory.

Beaver Creek surveyed approximately 45 acres around the proposed well pad location. A site was found (32WI1281) within the Area of Potential Effect (APE) and consisted of a single stone circle. As the well pad could not be moved to avoid the site by 100 feet a series of 24 shovel test probes and 2 1x1m test excavations were performed. The client also requested that BCA fence the site boundary and monitor initial construction activities so that no impact would arise from the construction activities within the vicinity.