An Overview Of Our Services

BCA is here to fulfill your Archaeology needs. Our singular goal is to get your permit requirements met to keep your project moving forward.

BCA has managed some of the largest tribal monitoring projects in the region.

BCA serves as a liaison between tribes and different interest groups facilitating communication to allow projects to proceed with both parties interests being met.

We use the latest technology in the field in conjunction with our state-of-the-art in-house mapping facilities to ensure your project is surveyed and presented accurately.

BCA will guide you through the Section 106 compliance process and recommend how to proceed at key points in your project.

We strive to enrich public understanding and appreciation of culturally, historically and paleonotogically significant areas through exhibit design and interpretive panels.

Beaver Creek Archaeology offers a multitude of graphic services from drawing and design to large format printing.

Beaver Creek Archaeology can evaluate potentially historic structures in your project area.