Test Excavation Of Site 32DU1075

Project Type: Well Pad

Client: Continental Resources, Inc.

Location: North of Killdeer, North Dakota

Project Synopsis

Continental Resources plans to construct a well pad and access road in the location of site 32DU1075. The site is a lithic scatter that was originally recorded in 1992 by UND. At the time of recording, sixty-seven items of cultural material were observed. The site was updated in 2007 by MAC, when three shovel probes were excavated during an access road inventory.

During this inventory, no cultural material was observed. The site is currently unevaluated for eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places. Due to this, Beaver Creek Archaeology, at the request of the client, performed evaluative testing. There were seven test units and 275 auger probs dug as well as 1/9 samples were collected for water screening.