Bison IV Wind Energy Center (ND)

Project Type: Wind Energy Center

Client: Merjent on behalf of Minnesota Power/ALLETE

Location: Oliver, Morton, & Mercer Counties, North Dakota

Project Synopsis

The Bison 4 Wind Energy Center project consists of up to 64 wind turbine locations with 8 alternate locations and 112 miles of associated collector lines, access roads, and temporary crane paths. The Bison 4 project, when complete, will generate up to 208 megawatts (MW) of electricity, and will consist of up to 64 3.0-3.3-MW wind turbine generators.

Beaver Creek Archaeology inventoried approximately 2,400 acres for the propose project. Besides performing a Class III Cultural Resource Inventory within the proposed project area, a visual impact inventory was also performed on structures within the surrounding area.