Buckthorn Wind Project (TX)

Project Type: Wind Energy Center

Client: Buckthorn Wind Project, LLC

Location: Erath County, Texas

Project Synopsis

Beaver Creek Archaeology conducted an intensive archaeological survey for the Buckthorn Wind Project in Erath County, Texas. The proposed project is approximately 342 acres in size and is located on private property. A total of 49 turbine 4-acre turbine locations and a 100’ wide, 14.75-mile long access road corridor were inventoried for cultural resources.

The Buckthorn Wind Project, when complete, will generate up to 96 megawatts (MW) of electricity. There are two proposed arrays in which this survey covered. The AWS array would consist of up to 29 wind turbine locations using a GE 2.3-117 generator. The AWS80 array would consist of up to 42 wind turbine locations, with one alternate location, using a Vestas V-117 generator.