The Tongue River Bank Stabilization Project

Project Type: Road Survey

Client: Widseth Smith Nolting & Associates, Inc.

Location: Cavalier, Pembina County, North Dakota

Project Synopsis

The Tongue River Bank Stabilization project includes stabilizing an area of the Tongue River bank and potential bridge raising.

Approximately 12 acres was inventoried for the project. Site 32PB87, a Pony Truss bridge, was located within the project area. The site is eligible to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). The site is significant under Criterion A for its association with the Gillette-Herzog Manufacturing Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The site is significant under Criterion C as it is one of a few remaining late-nineteenth century bridges to survive in North Dakota. The project may potentially propose to replace the abutments and wing walls of the bridge, as the bridge needs to be raised to allow traffic over it during high water occurrences. The potential replacements would not impact the integrity or significance of the site any further.