Graphic Arts

Fulfilling Your Graphic Needs

In an effort to provide our client and agency officials with cutting edge and accurate models and depictions of cultural and historical resources, BCA has expanded our mapping department to include a cross-trained graphic artist (with over 20 years of experience) and GIS technician. Boasting an above average knack for detail Gregory Erickson has truly raised the bar in the documentation of cultural sites and artifacts.

However, BCA is not limiting this service to the archaeological realm we are readily available to provide this service to any number of potential clients.

Options available include items such as but not limited to:

  • computer-based simple line drawings
  • in-detail hand drawn pencil and/or ink sketches
  • complex 3-D computer modeling
  • any combination of the above for scientific renderings
  • large scale format printing (with an in-house Canon plotter)

Check out some of Greg's work on our page or his Facebook page. Get ahold of Greg at the BCA office to discuss your project ideas and needs!