We'll Take Your Project In The Right Direction

By partnering with Beaver Creek Archaeology, you will be working with one of the most respected Cultural Resource Management firms in the transportation industry. BCA has successfully completed archaeological studies of every type for the transportation industry including more than 1,000 material source area surveys, 200 road surveys, and 150 bridge inventories over the past 10 years.

Beaver Creek Archaeology has proudly worked for the transportation industry before and throughout the Bakken oil boom and the floods of 2009 to 2011. Throughout this time, BCA has developed a reputation with the Department of Transportation and Federal Emergency Management Agency for performing quality cultural resource inventories. Beaver Creek is prepared to handle your project’s needs whatever the circumstances.


  • Right-of-Way Inventories
  • Emergency Grade Raise Inventories for DOT and FEMA
  • Material Source Areas (Gravel, Borrow, Rip-Rap)
  • Road Realignment and Corridor use Studies
  • Historic Bridge Inventories
  • Photographic and Narrative Documentations for Historic Structures
  • Shared-Use Paths