Digging You Out Of The Paperwork

The foundation of Beaver Creek Archaeology (BCA) was built upon the gravel mining industry. Since the company’s inception we have heavily focused on the needs of our aggregate clients. BCA stays up-to-date on the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT), and surrounding states, standards and guidelines for project approval or the successful receipt of a Certificate of Approval (COA). For the aggregate permitting novice we are well versed in the application process paperwork and we are more than happy to guide them through the application submission process or Material Source Request.

In addition to the archaeological component of the NDDOT’s COA process, we are further able to assist our clients with their Dakota Skipper Butterfly requirements through the documentation of the project area’s vegetation and environment. Should a Dakota Skipper inventory be deemed necessary, then Beaver Creek partners with a variety of environmental firms that retain staff qualified to investigate the vegetation present within the project boundaries.