Full-time Archaeological Field Technician (Temporary)

Full-time Archaeological Field Technician (Temporary)

Full-time Archaeological Field Technician (Temporary)

Beaver Creek Archaeology, Inc., a cultural resource management (CRM) consultancy with offices in Bismarck, ND and Artesia, NM, is seeking motivated individuals to join our team as a Temporary Full-Time Archaeological Field Technician. BCA conducts project work throughout the central-western United States, with a significant focus on the Great Plains region. The primary role is to actively contribute to archaeological fieldwork and research projects. Working under the supervision of project leaders and senior archaeologists, the Field Technician plays a crucial role in executing field surveys, excavations, and data collection. Our projects involve a variety of pedestrian surveys, shovel testing, excavation, architectural surveys, and various forms of historic documentation.

Position Overview
This position is based out of our Bismarck, ND office. The candidate can expect to work 40 hours a week during regular business hours (Central Time Zone) with the possibility for overtime as project load indicates. Compensation will be commensurate with the applicant’s level of education and previous experience. Successful candidates may have the opportunity to transition into a permanent position with accompanying benefits.

The Archaeological Field Technician plays a vital role in the hands-on aspects of archaeological research, contributing directly to the discovery, documentation, and preservation of cultural heritage. This position requires a combination of fieldwork skills, attention to detail, and collaborative teamwork to successfully advance the objectives of archaeological projects.

Key duties and responsibilities
• Field Surveys and Excavations: Conduct archaeological field surveys, excavations, and site monitoring in accordance with established protocols and industry standards.
• Artifact Documentation: Carefully document and catalog discovered artifacts, ensuring accurate and detailed records of findings.
• Mapping and Recording: Utilize mapping tools and equipment to record excavation sites, features, and significant archaeological elements.
• Data Collection: Assist in collecting archaeological data, including soil samples, photographs, and measurements, to contribute to comprehensive site analyses.
• Team Collaboration: Work collaboratively with fellow team members and project leaders to ensure smooth project execution and achievement of research objectives.
• Equipment Maintenance: Maintain and care for archaeological tools and equipment, ensuring they are in optimal working condition.
• Adherence to Safety Protocols: Follow safety guidelines and protocols to ensure a secure working environment for all team members.
• Diligent adherence to safety protocols to mitigate risks associated with fieldwork, excavation, and site exploration.

Minimum qualifications
• Bachelor's degree in Archaeology, Anthropology, or a related field (or equivalent field experience).
• Completion of an archaeological field school or equivalent field training.
• Previous experience as an archaeological field technician preferred.
• Ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions and challenging terrains.
• Ability to work collaboratively or independently
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Effective communication and teamwork abilities.
• Critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities.
• Flexibility and adaptability to changing field conditions and project requirements.
• Strong time management skills to ensure efficient use of fieldwork time and meet project deadlines.
• A passion for cultural resource management and archaeology

Preferred qualifications
• Familiarity with archaeological field methods, survey techniques, and excavation procedures.
• Proficiency in using GPS and mapping tools.
• Understanding of the historical context and archaeology of the Northern Plains.
• Understanding of CRM principles and practices, including compliance with federal and state regulations.
• Experience in geospatial analysis and GIS (Geographic Information System) applications for archaeological mapping and data visualization.

Physical Requirements
• Ability to work for long hours in varying weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, rain, and exposure to sunlight.
• Proficiency in traversing diverse terrains, often with uneven surfaces and challenging topography.
• Capacity for extended periods of walking and hiking, covering significant distances each day, often while carrying equipment and tools.
• Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds of equipment and field gear, including excavation tools, survey equipment, and artifact collection materials.
• Stamina to endure physically demanding tasks, including excavation, shovel testing, and repetitive motions associated with artifact analysis.
• Capability to work collaboratively in a team environment, sharing responsibilities and assisting colleagues as needed.

The above tasks and requirements are not intended to represent or account for every task or duty the employee may be responsible for or assigned to.

If you are a dedicated archaeologist with a passion for preservation, we invite you to join our team at BCA. Please submit your updated resume, a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and why you are the ideal candidate for this position, and desired pay range.